Our Finances

As a social business committed towards bringing positive change, we believe it is important to be transparent with our finances. The decision to make finances public was taken recently, and prior to that we were not tracking all our finances because Sarva Vedam was still a project in its early stages. Below are the our finances based only on the receipts we had in hand. While most sales have been recorded (as most of them are placed on the website), a considerable portion of our expenses have not been recorded because they were either cash expenses and/or there are no proofs of those transactions.  

We know that such an approach does not look good for the business’ credibility. As mentioned earlier, the decision to make finances public was only taken recently, and the business was fairly informal before that. From January 2021, all sales and expensive will be tracked and uploaded quarterly on the website. 

Total Sales and Expenses in January


Delivery Charges


Packaging Material Purchased


Free Samples





Hair Oil


Hair Wash




Estimated Finances As of 31 December 2020


Coconut Oil




Jar Sealing Machine and Sealing Sheets


Web domain and hosting


Accounting Software


Online Ads


Jars and Bottles


Corrogated Boxes


Graphic Design Software


Trademark Charges





Hair Oil


Hair Wash


Hair Care Combo (no longer on sale)